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  1. The subject matter of the following license are the graphical files, in particular photo pictures, stored in a digital format on web server and being conferred by the provisions of law in terms of copyright and allied authorities.
  2. Use of graphical files offered by is allowed only after accepting the following license. The license is automatically considered accepted while downloading any file without the water mark.
  3. The owner of grants a non-exclusive, inalienable, time and territorial unlimited license to use all offered digital files for any kind of purposes apart from exceptions included in this license.
  4. The owner of allows to modify and use all offered files or their parts, but only as inseparable components of another product or project which can be distributed in any of the following forms: printed, digital, as part of a movie or TV show. E.g.: calendars, post cards, posters, leaflets, promo materials, folders, cartons, puzzles, magazines, banners, web multimedia presentations, etc.
  5. The owner of does not allow to redistribute the offered files in any kind of form as individual products. It is valid for all kinds of copying and recoding a digital entry.
  6. It is allowed to use the offered files in periodic publications, but only under condition that the original source © is displayed next to the picture(s). In case of web publications it is also mandatory to place there a link to If there is an author provided in a photo description, her or his name, surname or nickname must be displayed next to the picture(s) as well. It is allowed to use any other form of showing the original source of all used images (e.g.: a bibliography, footnotes, indexes, etc.). If for some reasons it is impossible to meet the requirements above, it is mandatory to inform’s owner about any use of offered files by sending an e-mail to
  7. The copyright and property rights of the files are owned by the authors exclusively. Any part of this license cannot be treated as a full or partial handover of the rights, apart from the scope defined in the license.
  8. The use of images must not violate human rights of the third parties. It must not offend, discredit and humiliate people being shown on the pictures.
  9. Image of a person is one of the key personal goods and it is protected by copyright and civil law independently.
  10. All trademarks or logos being displayed on the pictures covered by this license are owned by their authors or holders. An acceptance of this license does not entitle to use them. It requires a separate agreement with their owners.
  11. The owner of service does not take the responsibility for an inappropriate and illegal use of the files and any potential third parties’ claims.

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