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Are all pictures being published on really for free?

Yes, they are. You can download and use them without paying for anything.

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Why is that? Some of the pictures look really professional.

Because all pictures being offered here have been taken just for fun coming from the photo shooting, not for a profit. Besides, keeping the pictures in a drawer or on a private disc does not make any sense to me. I believe it is better to share the pictures with someone who may eventually find a use for them.

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What can I do with a downloaded file?

You may do whatever you want apart from one thing. You must not sale any file you have downloaded for free, in any format, through any channel, to anyone.

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How can I find the picture I need?

There are many options. First of all you may always start with search function. Second, for each and every picture there is a set of key words associated and by clicking on any of them you will be switched to all pictures classified with that word. Moreover, for each selected picture you may find similar pictures displayed below. Last but not least, you may browse pictures by a certain category.

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I cannot download the picture I have selected. Why?

Prior to the file download you must get acquainted with our license and agree on it. Only then you may start downloading the pictures without water marks.

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You’re asking for donations although claiming you do not do it for money. Why?

It’s not for a profit. It simply because a maintenance of such service requires financial investments. I’m a private person and my capabilities in that matter are limited. That’s why I’m looking for other sources of funding required to ensure a good server I can place my pictures on and publish to people like you. Besides, always keep in mind that paying is not obligatory.

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I’m interested in buying one of those pictures for my own purposes. Is it possible?

If you’re really so much set on that, please write to me. My e-mail address may be found in the Contact tab.

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I would like to put my advertisement on your site, can I?

Please write to me using e-mail address provided in the Contact tab. We’ll discuss the possibilities.

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